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As the sales of electric vehicles outpaces the need for charging locations, The EV Resource Group is here to help.

Working with fleet owners, manufacturers, school districts, municipal governments and many others, the company is in the business of assuring high quality, safe, efficient charging infrastructure to all who need it. EV Resource Group is focused on the aspects of this infrastructure that may not be obvious or has yet to be realized like site planning and design, zoning and permitting, utility coordination and so much more. Of course we provide the installation and construction of large facilities but we also offer maintenance and warranty programs to assure maximum up time for all of our facilities. Leaving valuable fleet assets stranded without sufficient charging is not an option for vehicle owners- or the EV Resource group.

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Questions You Should Ask

Not stocking parts can be a costly mistake. EV Resource Group stocks all parts for the equipment we install. When a repair is needed, time is of the essence and EV Resource Group is ready to act quickly.

Snow can and will negatively effect your charging operations. Make sure your system designer is discussing the negative impacts of snow and water. Flood areas must also be considered.

EV Resource Group can help you procure these certifications.

EV Resource Group can help you navigate this process. Contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Every install and location has dozens of variables and will be different. Contact EV Resource Group and we are happy to look into your location and provide answers.

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