Improve Your Commercial Property With Electric Vehicle Charging Stations From EV Resource Group

With rising gas prices and increased consumer demand for greener transportation solutions, electric vehicles are only becoming more common. As more electric vehicles hit the road, consumers are in search of electric vehicle charging stations at the places they visit most, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping malls.

In addition to attracting customers, electric vehicle charging equipment can boost employee retention at office complexes, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. Fleet owners seeking to reduce their carbon emissions and operational costs may also benefit from electric vehicle charging stations to support an alternative fuel powered fleet.

There are many commercial applications where electric vehicle charging stations may be a necessary upgrade, and EV Resource Group can serve them all. We provide customized, turnkey solutions for any and all electric vehicle charging needs.

Industries We Serve

Our process includes site surveys, budgeting, planning, construction, and maintenance for all commercial applications, including:

If your business is not on the list above, give us a call to discuss possible solutions for your commercial property. We have worked in a variety of industries and provide flexible solutions to cater to your unique needs.

Benefits of EV Charging Equipment Installation

EV charging equipment can offer a multitude of benefits to businesses and commercial property managers. Charging stations can boost property values and attract higher quality tenants and customers. Businesses with electric vehicle-friendly infrastructure see longer customer visits with higher average spend per visit. In addition, electric vehicle charging stations boast a greener image for companies that can boost your reputation.

Tax Credits for Businesses and Commercial Property Owners

Another potential benefit of installing electric vehicle charging stations is tax credits, which can offset installation costs. EV Resource Group can walk you through government and utility company incentives you qualify for and help you take full advantage of those programs.

Are you ready to charge up your property with electric vehicle charging stations to better serve your tenants, employees, and customers? Schedule a consultation with EV Resource Group today to get started. We have the knowledge and experience to take on projects of all sizes with fully customized project timelines and budgets for any commercial application.

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